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Robsinsons Cider of Tenbury

Picture of Robsinson's CiderThe flavour of Robinsons Tenbury Cider is in a class of its own. What would be the point of any of this if the flavour wasn’t right? Not just right, outstanding? Here is an authentic country cider that has real finesse. Then there’s the colour: the wonderful golden light of an English autumn sparkling in the glass. The stunning, fresh aroma of traditional cider apple varieties. A long, clean aftertaste. You can tell it takes the juice of at least two pounds of apples to make just one bottle of Robinsons Cider.

AppleThe fruit comes from our own orchards and the orchards of our friends and neighbours. Some of these orchards have provided apples for Robinsons Cider for generations. We press it in the autumn: real hard work. We ferment it over the winter. Then, when the cuckoo comes, we taste it and blend it to produce the final thing. We use traditional bittersweet cider apple varieties: no sprays, no pesticides. Just the soil and the sun and the rain.

Old Cider Makers Over 200 years have rolled by since Robinsons started making cider in Tenbury, “The Town in the Orchard”. We don’t make much and when it’s gone it’s gone. But what we do make is probably the best cider you will find anywhere.

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