Robinsons Premium Cider

Robinsons Cider only produces limited amounts of premium quality cider each year. To keep control of what’s going on and to maintain standards we make only two products, one for retail outlets and Home Delivery and the other for on premise consumption.
Our Cider

Our Cider

We only make three ciders, all premium quality, all very traditional. One only on draught, one very dry (bottled) and one (bottled) medium cider. All very distinctive. The confidence to be different.


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Home Delivery

Secure and easy ordering: decide what you want, click on it and let PayPal and Robinsons do the rest: delivered to your (mainland UK) door.


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The History of Robinsons Cider


The authentic history of generations of a characterful local cider-making family who have been in Tenbury since no one quite knows when


Robinsons CiderWhen we say no one makes cider like Robinsons make cider, we’re talking about the confidence to be different, to limit the quantity we make and to limit ourselves to just three absolutely premium quality ciders. They are Robinsons Flagon Cider (4.5%) which is only available on draught, Robinsons Fine Dry Vintage Cider (6%) which is only available in 500ml glass bottles and Robinsons Premium Medium (4.8%) which is only available in 500ml bottles. These ciders are only available locally and are unlike any other. They are even completely unlike one another.

We are independent and only supply independents. We don’t supply pub chains or supermarkets other than the local ones.

We support our pub trade by making Robinsons Flagon Cider available only on draught. When folks want it (and they certainly do) they support their local pub by drinking it there.

Our Fine Dry Vintage and Premium Medium Ciders are presented in bottles in selected retail or catering outlets and on line: go the Home Deliveries page to find out more. The bittersweet apple juice we use in our Fine Dry Vintage and Premium Medium Cider comes from the first pressing: we only use the first two thirds of the juice and then discard the apples (the cattle love them!) so that Robinsons Fine Dry Vintage and Robinsons Premium Medium are to cider what extra virgin is to olive oil. It takes at least 2lbs of classic cider apples to produce just one bottle of Robinsons Cider.

The brand is more important to us than the number of gallons we sell. When your own name appears on something and you spend your life among the people who drink it, that can often shape your approach to things!

The flavour of Robinsons Tenbury Cider is in a class of its own. What would be the point of any of this if the flavour wasn’t special? Not just special, outstanding? Robinsons make authentic country cider that has real finesse. The colour is rich and unusual. The stunning, fresh aroma of traditional cider apple varieties. A long, clean aftertaste.

Cider ApplesWe use cider fruit from our own orchards and the orchards of our friends and neighbours. Some of these orchards have provided apples for Robinsons Cider for generations. We press it in the autumn: real hard work. We ferment it over the winter. Then, when the cuckoo comes, we taste it and blend it to produce the final thing. We only use traditional bittersweet cider apple varieties: no eaters or culinary fruit at all. It savours of the good soil that will carry such apple trees, of the rain and of the sun.
Cider MakingWell over 200 years have rolled by since Robinsons started making cider in Tenbury, “The Town in the Orchard”. We don’t make much and when it’s gone it’s gone. But what we do make is probably the best cider you will find anywhere.