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We use a small amount of cookies on this website to help keep things running smoothly and to provide us with anonymous information about your visit. This page is designed to inform you about the cookies we use.

Almost every website you visit will be saving a small text file on your computer called a cookie. They can do numerous jobs like keeping you logged into a website or remembering if you’ve ticked a box or selected a special feature. Some cookies are also used to target advertising and track visits you make to web pages. Cookies CANNOT see what’s on your computer, access your files or find out who you are – they are simply very small text files that enable websites to offer personalised services or improve their content. To find out more about cookies and to find out how to stop your browser saving them, visit the ‘About Cookies‘ website.

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Cookies used by this website

Analytics – Cookies will follow you around this website giving us statistics on your visit. It helps us to know how many visitors we have, how many pages they view and also things like what operating system you use. This is important to us so we can update our website to meet the needs of our visitors. At no point do we know who you are. These are 3rd party cookies that are not directly issued by this website.

Social Media – At the bottom & side of our website are sharing icons. These are here so you can share our website with others. Cookies are used to operate this service and let the social networks you belong to know you have been here and liked or shared a page. These are 3rd party cookies that are not directly issued by this website.

Shopping Cart – Our online shop offers items for sale and our shopping cart uses cookies to remember things like if you have logged in, how many items you have in your shopping basket and if you’ve paid or not. These are direct cookies that are issued by this website.

Cookie Policy Bar – The cookie information bar that you may have seen at the top of the page uses a cookie to determine if you have clicked the accept cookies button – the cookie lets us know not to show the bar to you again. This is a direct cookie issued by our website.

Get in touch using our contact page if you have any questions about cookies and how we use them.